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7 Ways To increase sales via Fb Page

Small business and fb page

Comparison between fb page and website

How website boosts up your sales via fb page

Hidden factors that increases the sales

Facebook page benefit and limitation

Save time increase sales

Limitation of fb page, Increase sales


  1. Easy and simple to set-up
  2. Easy to get more clients
  3. Drive huge no. of client/traffic to the website


  1. Search: Search is difficulty when customer bounce back to facebook page. Which makes them irritation and difficult to find their choice, your good product
  2. Product/service details: It is difficult to write full details, because of which customer might not get the product details at the time they want information.
  3. Content: it’s difficult to remember and manage all the product details from your huge collection, which may lead to time gap during the communication. Cannot be lured the customer by writing effective content about that product in effective way. It may leads to difficulty while expanding the business.
  4. Control: Facebook controls your page, They impose many rules in which you might not be able to advertise and sale your product according to your desire.
  5. Company profile: Company profile can be strongly represented by showing them all the details of product/services and other details, which decreases the trust to that company.
  6. Limited visibility of products: Difficulty to show list of all the product, Lower the product visibility lesser will be the sales
  7. Automatic: huge amount of time is required while following the product information.

What do you think can sales be increased by overcoming the limitation or not?

It very easy and simple to sale product/service through fb page, total no. of fb account are listed below country wise

1)Nepal=12 million



  1. Easy and simple to set-up
  2. Easy get more clients
  3. We can drive client/traffic  to the website


  1. People actually don’t want to scroll down and down without knowing Details about the Product and services
  2. Search is very difficult in fb page
  3. Difficult to manage details of our contents
  4. Facebook controls our content
  5. Don’t get to know about your company profile
  6. Only see what you show at the post nothing more
  7. Too many facebook page scam
  8. Facebook controls our content
  9. It’s just one page
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